Cast Products’s Mold Handling System by Sinto

In the 3 years since installing Sinto’s Mold Handling System to accompany their FBO Molding Machine, they have seen a dramatic improvement.

 Mr. Colby Medlen, COO, explains that in the past, as molds were transferred onto the rail cars or up to the pouring deck, vibrations would occasionally cause breakoff and defects inside the mold that were difficult to see.… Read more >

Talladega Pattern and Aluminum Works, Inc.

Talladega Pattern and Aluminum Works is an aluminum and brass casting facility located in Talladega, Alabama. Starting in 1954 as a machine and pattern shop, they now specialize in the manufacturing of quality castings used in playground equipment, pole line hardware, substation connectors, feed truck parts and highway sign structures.… Read more >

Unicast Foundry

New Flaskless Molding & Mold Handling Equipment Passes Tough Tests

Unicast Company, founded in 1894 and located in Boyertown, PA, is a gray iron foundry that was looking to improve its casting operations. After research, its President & CEO, Louis Monaco Jr., recently purchased and installed a new Roberts Sinto FBO-II Flaskless Molding Machine and handling system.… Read more >

The Ford Meter Box Company, Inc.

Preparing for The Next 100 Years

Many foundries operate as job shops producing castings for a number of different customers and markets. It’s always a challenge to meet the changing needs of these growing customers, and as an owner or foundry manager, you may feel it would be simpler to be a captive foundry where you have better control of your casting design and production.… Read more >

Specialty Castings

Specialty Castings Completes Major Expansion

Specialty Castings, Inc. of Springport, MI, a gray/ductile iron foundry employing 23 people has been steadily revamping and improving its plant operations over the last few years. Like other foundries across the United States it has had to adapt to the ever changing requirements placed upon it by the foundry industry.… Read more >

Cast Products, Inc.

Getting Ready for the New Millennium

When Mike Medlen, Vice President and General Manager of Cast Products, Inc. of Athens, Alabama wanted to expand and improve the firms foundry production operations, he and a group of his employees went to the Cast-Expo trade show in Philadelphia for ideas.… Read more >