The X6i-­CDH22R­-455MR Model Barinder is ideal solution for small to medium size aluminum castings. With the compact design and easy to program and learn, one operator can perform multiple machines. The high speed and efficient processing with quick part change over enables productivity and a higher finishing quality of product.


The X6i-­CDH22R­-455MR Model Barinder is the idea solution to improve the aluminum casting finishing process.
Suitable for finishing complex shaped castings from small to medium size, finishing parting line and cor flash finishing, gate and runner cutting. The main tool head is powered by servo-motor for improved efficiency.  Even big and small burrs can be trimmed by switching 2 kinds of auxiliary tools in shorter time.

Optional Chip conveyor is available to remove scrap from under the Barinder.


  • Compact in size and easily movable 
  • Totally enclosed for safe operation
  • Quick part change over
  • Flexible cutting with 5 axes of motion
  • Continuous positioning of casting with 4 servo axes
  • 130 degree of tiltable servo cutting wheel motion
  • 1 Main 25hp max. servo motor grinding head
  • 1 Aux. milling head that can handle multi shaped tools
  • Long life diamond embedded cutting tools
  • Simple trace and teach programming
  • User friendly with touch screen interface
  • Easy program editing with FANUC MDI panel
  • 99 program storage standard; 10,000 via ethernet package 
  • 360 degree contunuous servo radial casting rotation during cutting
  • Single part clamping device


Work Envelope19.7" W x 7.8" H
Payload 110 Lbs
Tool Configurations 1 Main & 1 Aux.
Main Tool Head Diamond chip saw
Auxiliary Tool-head driving motor 2.2Kw (high speed type, inverter drive)
Main Tool-head driving motor 4.5Kw (AC servomotor drive)
Control driving motor, Number of NC Axis 6 axes AC servo controlled by NACR
Overall Dimension68" W x 81" D x 85" H
Weight 4630 lbs