The FDNX Series is designed as the first step from switching from manual to automatic molding without compromising any quality. There is nothing on the market today like the FDNX!

Sinto took all the best features of their larger flaskless molding machines into a compact and affordable design that features aeration sand filling technology for high quality molds. Due to its streamline design, the FDNX is very adaptable to existing layouts and easy to set up and can use your existing patterns and sand supply.





  • Aeration Sand Filling Technology for producing high quality castings
  • Mold rate of 90 molds/hour
  • Ideal for switching from manual molding to automatic molding
  • Ready to use by connecting power, (100V AC-240V AC) compressed air, and sand supply
  • Low Noise and Energy

Options include:

  • Chaplet Set
  • Air Tank

1) Molding speed may vary depending on ambient temperature, compressed air source pressure and squeeze pressure.
2) Including 9 sec for core setting : FDNX-I Molding Rate (MAX)   73molds/hr
3) CE version is also available as an option.



Model No.FDNX-1
Mold sizeWidth x Length (mm)500 × 400
Height (mm)Cope and Drag top and bottom: 180
Molding method
Molding Frequency (Max) * 1) * 2)(Excluding the time of placement of cores)90molds/hr (40sec/mold)
Squeezesurface pressure (Max)
Venting pressure
Feeding systems
Air intake1.5m 3 (N) / mold
Air pressure working.
Power supply * 3)
Weight of the mold (Min-Max)108kg




Maximizing FDNX capabilities:

Simple Sand Treatment System

Manual Roller Line:

Automatic Line (with pusher/cushion cylinders):