The FBO Flaskless Molding Machine was developed for higher quality molds, increased productivity, and greater profitability. In the space occupied by similar older equipment, the FBO reduces mold shift problems, saves more spill and strike-off sand, and achieves greater molding consistency. Few machines in the foundry industry have generated the excitement of Roberts Sinto’s FBO. The series offers 6 different flask sizes; 14” x 19”, 16” x 20”, 20” x 24”, 20” x 26”, 20” x 28” and 32” x 32”. Each model has independently variable cope and drag heights.


  • Touch Screen
  • Programmable Controls With Diagnostics
  • Virtually No Spill Sand or Strike-off Sand
  • No Pits
  • No Special Bottom Boards
  • Mold To Mold Consistency
  • Maintenance Friendly
  • Horizontally Parted
  • Programmable Hydraulic Squeeze
  • Quick Pattern Change Features
  • Drag Mold Shuttle for Coresetting
  • Instantly Programmable Mold Height

A system has been incorporated where the drag mold automatically slides out, allowing easy access for coresetting, letting the operator perform his job safely and comfortably. An optional core setter is also available to allow for improved production rate.

A touch-reactive control panel has been added to the operator station, giving operational instructions, diagnostic data and warnings. Preprogrammed operations can be carried out from the monitor screen. The next stage of operation can be chosen simply by touching the screen. Changes in mold height, squeeze pressure and blow time can also be made with a simple touch.

FBOIV Molding Machine Specifications:

Molding Machine Specifications:FBO-IV, 2428; 7-10/7-10, Nominal 100 MPH
Mold dimensions (nominal)

Operator selectable cope and drag heights

Standard settings
24" x 28" (610mm x 711mm)

7" to 10" (180mm to 250mm)

Low 7”, mid 8.5”, high 10”
Method of operationFully automatic or stops in mid-cycle for core insertion
Touch screen operator station10” color
Programmable logic controllerMitsubishi, password protected (A-B optional)
Molding speed (nominal)36 seconds per mold (at maximum height setting for cope & drag, low squeeze, depending on blow time, and excluding core insertion time)
Sprue cup & down sprueOne set is standard: 1 3/16”dia. (30mm)
Sprue positionsSix (6) are standard
Top of drag flask with machine on floor (core set ht.)57.87” (1470mm)
Mold eject height with machine on floor21.65” ( 550mm)
Maximum weight (pattern plate and pattern)

Pattern thickness
882 lbs. (400 Kg)

1.18" – 1.57" (30 – 40mm)
Squeeze pressure:

Standard settings
145 PSI @ sand surface (max.)

Low 87 PSI, mid 116 PSI, high 145 PSI
Sand requirements
Moisture: 3-4% (+/- 0.25% of an avg. value)

Compactability: 36-45%

Total clay: 10-13% max.

Green strength: 11-21 PSI (for Iron only)

Temperature: 20 ° F above ambient (max.)
Sand quantity per mold / tons-per-hourMaximum 710 lbs. / (36 TPH)
Air tank (minimum requirement)106 cubic feet (3 m 3) 3” inlet, 6” outlet
Utilities (approximate):80 +/- 6 PSI
Air pressure required88 CFFA/mold (2.5 m 3/mold)
Air quantity per moldLine Filters: (1) return & (1) cooler continuous flow

Noise level: Less than 75 dB
Hydraulic Power Unit

(ISO VG46 wear-resistant oil by others )
GPM required: 16 GPM @ 90 ° F
Water cooled heat exchanger (¾” in, ¾” out)100 amp feed
Required electrical service, minimum30 KW/ 40 HP
Hydraulic power unitControl voltage: 110 VAC, 1 ph., 60 Hz.
USA , Canada , Mexico & South AmericaControl voltage: 110 VAC, 1 ph., 60 Hz.
USAPower voltage: 480 VAC, 3 ph., 60 Hz.
Canada (CSA)Power voltage: 575 VAC, 3 ph., 60 Hz.
Mexico & South America

(voltage regulation transformer recommended)
Power voltage: 480 VAC, 3 ph., 60 Hz.
Dimensions166" w x 198" d x 176" h

(4225mm x 5035mm x 4477mm)
Machine Weight61,600 lbs (28,000 kg)