The Roberts Sinto FBM series molding machines are the latest in “state-of-the-art” equipment, providing foundries with 21st century technology today.
Built with tomorrow in mind, the unique features of this machine allow foundries to produce consistently higher quality castings.

Features and benefits:

  • Top and bottom blow allows sand to fill deep pockets or complicated patterns
  • No pit – easy maintenance
  • Separate molding and coresetting stations
  • Drag mold shuttle for coresetting (FBM-IIT only)
  • No spill sand
  • Touch screen with diagnostics
  • Instantly programmable mold height
  • Programmable hydraulic squeeze
  • No special bottom boards
  • Use existing patterns

Innovative drag shuttle-out for easy access coresetting

The FBM-IIT is designed with a shuttle allowing the drag mold to slide out of the machine giving easy access for coresetting, allowing the operator to perform the job safely and comfortably.

Flaskless Molding Machine Mold Size in inches
Machine DescriptionModel #AttributeMold SizeMold Height
from to
Molding Rate without Cores Molds/hr
FBM Series Top/Bottom BlowFBM-1FBM141914x1956120