Barinder Grinders

Barinder’s innovative robotic part handling and unique grinding wheels reliably automate the removal of gates, burrs and parting line fins on gray and ductile iron castings. Most castings can be quickly cleaned in a single set-up traversing the same path that would be covered in a manual operation. This proven technology enhances the productivity, safety repeatability and environmental integrity of the casting cleaning process. Barinder’s fast robotic cleaning action is further enhanced by an optional second, smaller grinding wheel, making it also possible to clean internal surfaces. The result is a system designed that reduces your operating and labor costs.

  • Easy to Learn, Program, & Operate
  • Long-Life Grinding Wheels
  • Repeatable Control to Precision Tolerances
  • Fast Product Changeovers
  • Finishes Complex Interior Surfaces
  • Designed for Reliability & Maintainability

Small to Medium size Castings 


X6i-FDH22R-443GR             X6­i-FDH22R­-455GR            X7i-FDS22R-455GR-C

Small to Large size Castings


X7-FDS22R­-56TGR­C             N7­FDS22R­ 57HFGR­C           N8-FDH22R­-512HFGR­C

Aluminum Castings


ASN5­- 2MD2R­-45H3                        X6­-CDH22R­-455MR                  X7­-CDH22R­-455MR­C


X7­-CDH22R­-56FMR­C               N7­-CDH22R­-58HFMR­C          N8­CDH22R­ 512HFMR­C