The ACE Compact Molding Machine…

A Technological breakthrough in Tight Flask Molding Design.

The ACE Compact Molding Machine is exploding the myths that have been associated with Tight Flask Molding. You have heard all the negatives; it’s too large, too expensive, pit installation costs are too high, it’s only financially affordable in a large volume operation, etc., etc. The new ACE Compact Molding Process is so unique that it is reducing all these problems you have associated with Tight Flask Molding. ACE represents a dramatic savings in equipment size, speed, sand use, energy savings and other factors that dramatically lower the overall cost of the equipment. ACE Compact Molding now makes Tight Flask Molding a realistic alternative for many foundries that are updating their foundry equipment.

Compact Size
The ACE Compact Machine is only 1/8 as large as comparable machines.

Minimal Pit area
ACE Molding Machines require no pit. Therefore, the pit area for the molding line is able to stay small and shallow. The total height of the molding machine above the level is only about 4mm.

Excellent Quality Molds
ACE is capable of producing thinner and lighter castings by minimizing the pattern draft. It produces superior quality molds with uniform density and high strength. Excellent drawability.

Energy Saving
Energy consumption is reduced by 63% in CO2 equivalent. Greatly contributing to the curtailment of running cost.

Low Noise
Actualized 75dB(A) in equivalent noise level. Comfortable working environment without vibration.

Splashing of parting agent is prevented
As the parting agent spray is performed inside the sealed molding flask, there is no splashing of parting agent. The consumption is reduced to 1/2.

Reduces Spill Sand
Spill sand during sand filling is literally “0”. The volume of sand required for filling a mold is precisely controlled by a “feedback” system so that the sand scraped off from mold back face by the sand cutter is drastically reduced.


Machine DescriptionModel #Mold SizeMold Height from toMolding Ratio with single machine Molds/hr
ACE Series SEIATSU Aerate & SqueezeACE-3 min. 500x600 max. 550x700150250150
ACE-4min. 600x750 max. 650x850200300150
ACE-5min. 700x900 max. 800x1000200300144
ACE-6min. 900x1100 max. 1000x1200250350120
ACE-7min. 1100x1300 max. 1200x1400300350110