X6­FDH22R­ 443GR

An innovative, high speed, automated grinder that dramatically reduces finishing time and labor costs. Barinder’s easy-to-learn programming is designed to be intuitive and allows the operator to teach the machine to automatically perform the same operations that would otherwise be performed manually. The Barinder is designed for fast product changeovers. The part holding fixtures are generally changed with simple hand tools in a few minutes. One person can normally handle two machines.

The Barinder’s optional second wheel makes it possible to finish internal surfaces, even those that are difficult to reach manually. The Barinder does it the same, every time.

The X6i-FDH22R-443GR Model optimal for small to medium size ductile, grey bronze or brass castings.


The X6i-FDH22R-443GR model is an automatic deburring machine used for small & medium sized castings.
It features a rotating main and auxiliary tool head, powered by servo-motor for improved efficiency. It is suitable
for finishing complex shape castings.



  • Small footprint
  • One operator can perform multiple machine operatoins
  • Program creation is simple and easy
  • Simple operation with high function
  • Quick change – less than 5 minutes to change fixtures, programs and tools
  • Diamond tool saves operation cost and dust generation
  • High speed and efficient processing enables productivity and a higher finishing quality of product


Max. machine size φ400×H200 20Kg (*Load capacity is within 30Kg)
Main Tool-head Diamond wheelφ355×T12×φ80
Main Tool-head driving motor 4.5Kw (AC servomotor drive)
Auziliary Tool-head driving motor
2.2Kw (High speed type, Inverter drive)
Wheel tilt for max 130°(NC control drive)
Control driving motor, Number of NC axis6 axes AC servo controlled by NACR
Overall DimensionsW1700×D2185×H2081
Weight 1,750Kg