FDNX Series


  •  Aeration sand filling technology for producing high quality castings
  • Ready to use by connecting power (100V AC - 240V AC), compressed air and sand supply
  • Low noise and low energy
  • Ideal for switching from manual to automatic molding

Model A B C D E
FDNX-0  102.5"  93"  68.6"  32.3"  15.7"
FDNX-1  114"  105"  75"  37" 15.7"











Model No. FDNX-0 FDNX-1
Mold size Width x Length (mm) 450 × 350 500 × 400
Height (mm) Cope and Drag top and bottom: 150 Cope and Drag top and bottom: 180
Molding method Aeration plus squeeze
Molding Frequency (Max) * 1) * 2)(Excluding the time of placement of cores) 100molds/hr (36sec/mold) 90molds/hr (40sec/mold)
Squeezesurface pressure (Max) 0.7MPa. 2 stages selectable
Venting pressure 0.05-0.18MPa
Feeding systems Air and Air with oil
Air intake 1.0m 3 (N) / mold 1.5m 3 (N) / mold
Air pressure working. 0.56 ± 0.04MPa
Power supply * 3) Motor Power: AC 100V-240V AC (50Hz/60Hz) Power Control: 24V DC
Weight of the mold (Min-Max) 71kg


*1) Molding speed may vary depending on ambient temperature, compressed air source pressure and squeeze pressure.

*2) Including 9sec for core setting : Molding Rate (MAX) FDNX-0・・・80molds/hr FDNX-1・・・73molds/hr.

*3) CE version is also available as an option.

Remarks: Above specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.