Sys-T-Mation is a leading supplier of automation and material handling systems for the automotive-based industries. Our engineering group has experience in handling products ranging from heads and blocks to front doors as well as a variety of items in between. Our manufacturing facility can assemble and test systems and products from material handling systems, to the manufacture of fuel cells to a single conveyor. We are a single-source for your handling systems.



Our patented Over/Under Accumulator is the industry leader for your accumulator needs. With close to 2000 lanes of conveyor in operation worldwide, our design has been proven time and time again. Our accumulating conveyors are in use in every major domestic automotive assembly facility in the United States. Close to every sheet metal component used in the assembly of cars and trucks has been handled on our accumulating conveyors.


“NxGen” Accumulating Pallet Conveyor. Using the experience taken from decades of development and thousands of units in operation, we’ve taken a proven and dependable workhorse to the next level. The design that our customers know and trust has been improved. Fewer moving parts and simpler assembly will not only reduce maintenance, but shortens the delivery time. This new design offers greater flexibility in pallet configurations for part nesting. Sys-T-Mation has integrated a new electric stop design which reduces cost, using the same standard toggle over center design. Pneumatic stops are available as well. Ask to see a demonstration today.


                                                                          Conveyor Specifications

6' to 100'
14" to 84"
Pallet Sizes:
14"wide x 12" long to
84" wide x 77"long
Single Lane Floor
Dual Lane Floor
Triple Lane Floor
Single Lane Overhead
Dual Lane Overhead
Triple Lane Overhead
Dual-Tier Conveyors